The Avocado

Poor people accumulate work because being poor means knowing that, sooner or later, the bad times will be upon you. We accumulate unpaid bills. Or old phone chargers. Even worries.

GERARDO TECÉ – CTXT August 2020 ( Link to Original Text )

I’m considering the possibility of becoming a prepper, I don’t know if the term rings a bell. Around this time every year, I dedicate some of my holiday time to the research of various social trends, religious faiths and popular ways of life, just in case one of them fits me –and because independence breeds uncertainty. Continue reading “Translation: The Avocado”

The Sparrows of Valencia’s Port

One of the Port’s most famous buildings has equally famous annual visitors

VALENTINA OROS – Levante-EMV August 2020 ( Link to Original Text )

There are certain things that forever represent Valencia in the eyes of those who have visited it: the perfumed air from the orange trees’ flowers, the bats, the Quart and Serrano towers… But there’s a few, subtler ones, that might escape your notice. Like, for example, the sparrows. Continue reading “Translation: The Sparrows of Valencia’s Port”